Philip Dayle acts for four members of the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL) seeking to prevent disclosure of the transcript of interviews given in the Peter Clarke “Trojan Horse” inquiry.  A conduct panel hearing of December 20, 2016 directed that such disclosure should be made to the respondent- teachers in what is now the second of two so-called Trojan Horse teacher-misconduct cases brought by the teacher regulator body, the NCTL. 

The four ASCL members affected by this December 20th direction, sought and obtained “standing” to make arguments for a review of this matter. Philip Dayle argued that the panel’s disclosure direction should be reviewed as it went against express assurances offered to the ASCL interviewees. He also argued that disclosure of the identities and information given by confidential informants undermines the public interest in ensuring that informants come forward and assist inquiries of public importance. 

Arguments were heard between February 16-17, 2017. The panel will give its ruling at the next substantive hearing date in this case. 

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