Emma Sutton and Ian Brownhill have appeared in the Court of Protection relating to how an elderly woman with dementia’s estate has been handled by her attorneys. Ian Brownhill was instructed to act in the proceedings for one of the woman’s attorneys, whilst Emma Sutton was instructed on behalf of the Office of the Public Guardian.
The complicated proceedings which involved multiple attorneys and included the handling of many different forms of property worth in excess of a £1million was settled after lengthy negotiation. The case was heard by Court of Protection Handbook author Professor Anselm Eldergill at First Avenue House, London.
Both Emma and Ian regularly deal with matters arising from the use of and grant of lasting powers of attorney and enduring powers of attorney. Both Emma and Ian are instructed by attorneys, concerned interested parties and the Office of the Public Guardian in litigation with regard to EPAs and LPAs.
Emma Sutton and Ian Brownhill are part of the Court of Protection Group at No5 Chambers.