One of the killers in the Susan Whiting death case has been handed a combined sentence of seven years and three months for manslaughter and the playing part in the rape of her friend.

Julie Beards, of Walsall, admitted to inviting Susan Whiting to her home knowing of her husband’s intention to rape her.

It was heard that a judge said that Beards knew what she had done was ‘very wrong’ as she was ‘suggestible’ and controlled by her husband.

Earlier this year Beard’s was cleared of murder under joint enterprise, but instead she was convicted of manslaughter but a verdict was not reached on the charge of aiding and abetting rape. Beards faced a fresh trial where she pleaded guilty based on her playing a lesser role than originally stated.

It was heard on Wednesday that Mr Justice Green accepted that Julie Beards was scared of her husband and did what he told her to out of fear.

Mr Justice Green concluded that her blame was low but she could have convinced Ms Whiting to not come.

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No5 Criminal Law Barristers Gareth Evans QC and Sharon Bahia prosecuted in this case whilst Jo Sidhu QC and Harbinder Singh Lally defends.