Nageena Khalique QC was interviewed on BBC Radio 4 Today’s programme by John Humphries in the debate with Professor Wade, Consultant Neurologist, about the role of the Court of Protection in cases where the withdrawal of clinically assisted nutrition and hydration is in the best interests of a patient in a permanent vegetative state. Nageena discussed the case of Jodie Simpson which highlighted the ordeal some families go through before such decisions are taken. Nageena emphasised the significant role of the Court of Protection as the vanguard of the patient’s rights particularly where there is a dispute between family members and the medical profession. You can listen to the interview here on Radio 4 Today, the interview was broadcasted at 8:10am, to listen to the beginning of the interview fast forward 2 hours and 18 minutes into the programme.

Nageena Khalique QC is the Head of the Court of Protection Group at No5 Chambers, to view Nageena’s profile please click here.