Nageena Khalique QC represented 3 alleged offenders in a case which came before Mr Justice Maguire in the Royal Courts of Justice in Northern Ireland. The Public Prosecution Service of Northern Ireland (PPS) argued that the accused were involved in depositing large quantities of illegal waste on farmland in County Tyrone and had received benefit from the proceeds of crime. Further, it was suggested that there was a real risk of dissipation of assets. This was vigorously denied and Nageena argued that the terms of the Restraint Order previously granted ex parte were draconian and unreasonable. The terms were subsequently varied to allow release of further funds to the 3 alleged offenders, increasing the amount in their living expenses, payment of 3 mortgages, house and life insurance and backdating of funds to pay mortgage arrears. The Northern Ireland Environmental Agency are expected to make a decision as to whether to lay charges within 8 weeks to the PPS.

Nageena was called to the Bar of Northern Ireland in October 2015 and has a current valid practising certificate with rights of audience in the courts of NI.