The inquest continues at Warwick Crown Court. Miss Khalique QC represented Christopher Taylor who is the ex-partner of Luisa Mendes and an ‘interested party’. The inquest has heard how the police failed to respond to a 999 call on the night that Luisa Mendes called the emergency services alleging that she was a victim of an assault. She was found dead the following morning. The IPCC criticised police and identified significant systemic and individual failings. 

On 19 May 2016 Miss Khalique made an application for further medical evidence to be provided in respect of Mr Taylor. The Assistant Coroner considered a psychiatric report, which was inconclusive as to whether Mr Taylor had capacity to give evidence and be involved in the Inquest, but declined to direct further expert evidence. Miss Khalique argued that this would be in breach of Article 2 and that the court required conclusive additional evidence before making a decision as to whether Mr Taylor should attend and what support was required to assist him in giving evidence. She emphasised that he was a crucial and relevant witness who was, for the purpose of LASPO 2012 and the inquest proceedings, the ‘next of kin’ by reason of his relationship with Luisa for many years. The coroner directed that he would adduce written evidence in the inquest in Mr Taylor’s absence but would hear representations as to the directions to be given to the jury in repect of the weight to be attached to Mr Taylor’s evidence at the conclusion of the hearing.

The inquest continues…. check back for further updates.

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