The date of the referendum is round the corner. The Panel Discussion will focus on the future of over 2.8 million EU Expats in the UK, including over 800,000 Poles.

London, April 13, 2016: The European Referendum is round the corner. Its outcome will influence a number of economic and political issues for the UK as well as its role in Europe. Yet we know very little about Brexit’s implications for the EU nationals lawfully residing in the UK.

A number of issues arise: will EU Nationals be allowed to work without work permits, will they have access to healthcare and will their spouses and children currently residing in other EU Member States be able to join them in the UK if they choose to do so? These concerns have resulted in a surge in the number of citizenship applications, which rose by 18 per cent to nearly 150,000 in 2015. This number is likely to rise even further given that only in February this year 2,270 copies of the textbooks preparing candidates for the citizenship test were sold.

So how are the lives of EU Nationals likely to change post Brexit? United Poles, a Polish expats organisation, have taken it upon themselves to organise a debate about this very subject. The event will be held on April 21 at the Polish Hearth Club (Ognisko) located in South Kensington and invitees will include representatives from all EU Member States Embassies, a number of European expats associations as well as the media. Registration will begin at 6 pm, a welcome message will be delivered by Lukasz Filim, the President of United Poles, followed by a short speech by Dariusz Laska, Minister-Counsellor and Deputy Head of Mission of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland. This will be followed by panel discussion and a Q&A session as well as drinks after the event.

The speakers include Prof. Catherine Barnard of Cambridge University (one of UK’s most respected EU law specialists), James Dixon, EU and immigration law barrister of No5 Chambers, James Fearnley, the Communications Director for Business for New Europe and John Longworth, Chairman of the Business Council of Vote Leave, former Director-General of the British Chamber of Commerce. 

The debate will be moderated by Agata Dmoch, a solicitor and board member of United Poles. 

About United Poles
The United Poles is a Polish expats organisation, which aims to unite Poles across the UK, helping them to voice their opinions and concerns and to influence decision makers in this country. United Poles represent Poles by organising debates, participating in TV and radio interviews, and providing pro bono legal advice to vulnerable members of the Polish diaspora. 

About Polish Hearth Club (‘Ognisko Polskie’)
The Polish Hearth Club, located in South Kensington, is a popular and well-established part of the Polish community. It was founded in 1939 to maintain the cohesion of the free Polish community in the United Kingdom during the Second World War. Following the war Polish Hearth Club became the centre of social and cultural life for the Polish community in exile. It has served since to provide a home for Poles to meet and build friendships, as a place where Polish culture and history is kept alive and Polish identity and independence maintained.
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