A man has been jailed for at least 20 years after being found guilty of murder of his partner who wanted to leave him.

Barbara Baraneicka was repeatedly stabbed by Cezar Sobiewski in their home in Tipton in November 2015. 

It was heard that the victim was found with 13 stab wounds and 40 slash wounds, many of which were to her hands and arms as she tried to protect herself.

The most serious wounds were to the throat and neck where a main artery was severed.

Christopher Hotten QC, prosecuting, said: ““The attack was sustained, determined and merciless.

“There is no doubt from a large kitchen knife he used together with the location and severity of the wounds that he intended to kill her and make her suffer.

“The victim must have known for some considerable time that her life was at risk from the attack.

“One can only imagine her feelings as the doors were forced and she was further attacked.

“We will never know the precise circumstances in which the attack took place but it was founded on the breakdown of the relationship and fuelled by his possessiveness towards her.”

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