Kevin Leigh, a specialist barrister in land and planning disputes, recently helped clients who instructed him directly in connection with an acrimonious and high value boundary dispute in Sandbanks, Poole, Dorset. The parties were developing neighbouring plots of land for residential purposes. Kevin became involved after his clients had obtained expert advice from their surveyor and from their architect supporting their case. Kevin assisted his clients in corresponding with the other side in order to identify the issues and explore the merits. Eventually both sides agreed to mediate and the case settled, thereby allowing Kevin’s clients to develop their plot to its full potential. Working closely and directly with his clients throughout as well as their experts, a favourable outcome was secured including (and very unusually) apart from recovering costs, substantial donations being given to charities chosen by Kevin’s clients in lieu of damages. The case was a good example of engaging specialist assistance early on as well as the advantage of mediation to achieve a settlement that a trial could not. Kevin is always happy to have  a preliminary discussion about any boundary dispute and to give an idea of possible merits, strategy, timetable and costs as well as, if asked, identifying experts who might be able to help. Please contact his clerks for any further information.

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