No5 Chambers barrister S Chelvan was invited to address the Liberal Democrat LGBT+ Winter Strategy Group meeting on Saturday at Liberal Democrat HQ in London.  He was one of only three invited speakers.  Chelvan focused on the urgent need to address a clear lack of engagement by the Home Office on Trans asylum claims and the need to oppose indefinite detention and any re-introduction of the Detained Fast Track procedures.

On Tuesday (23rd) Chelvan is an invited speaker of the Home Office in Sheffield.  He will provide training on credibility assessment in asylum claims based on sexual or gender identity.  This event will provide an opportunity for Home Office decision-makers to ask Chelvan questions on his DSSH model, now applied by the Home Office to positively assess an LGBTI asylum claim.

S Chelvan is part of the Public Law group at No5 Chambers. Click here to view S Chelvan’s profile.







S Chelvan (Center) speaking at the Liberal Democrat HQ in London.