The NHS trust that ran the Stafford Hospital has pleaded guilty to criminal charges in relation to four deaths of elderly patients in its care at Stafford Magistrates Court.

The charges were related to the deaths of Lillian Tucker, 77, Ivy Bunn, 90, Edith Bourne, 83, and Patrick Daly, 93 between 2005 and 2014.

The trust remains in place as a legal entity but ceased operations last November, a new trust began to run the hospital in 1 November 2014.

It was heard that the deaths occurred after falls, while another happened after a patient was given penicillin despite staff being informed the patient was allergic.

Bernard Thorogood, prosecuting, told the court three of the charges related to a failure to conduct a proper risk assessment and identify controls to prevent the fall.

He told that it was poor record keeping and management that led to a nurse administering penicillin to a patient that rapidly went into a coma and died.

Staffordshire Hospital first hit the headlines in march 2010 when a Health Commission report, damning of the hospital’s standard of care was published.

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