No5 Barrister S Chelvan joined BBC Radio 4’s Jenni Murray this morning to discuss Jamaica’s first Gay Pride festival, which took place this week.

Once thought of as one of the most homophobic countries in the world, Jamaica held a week -long event to celebrate Gay Pride in their capital Kingston. However, the Pride events, which do not include a Pride march,  are unlikely to change the high levels of violence the LGBTI community face in Jamaica.  The UK recognises the fact that members of the Jamaican LGBTI community are an at risk group, which should be afforded protection. 

Latoya Nugent from the Jamaican Forum of Lesbians also joined S Chelvan and Jenni Murray, as well as PJ Samuels, who’s sexual orientation led to her facing persecution. The group discussed the changing attitudes towards the LGBTI community in Jamaica, as well as the challenges that they still face.

A link to the radio programme can be found here

Chelvan is well-known for his work within LGBTI rights specifically with respect to the rights of migrants and asylum-seekers. He is recognised as having significantly contributed to ground-breaking LGBTI asylum cases, both here in the UK, and in Europe. To view his full profile please click here