Michael Duck QC and Michelle Heeley of No5 Chambers Crime Group have prosecuted a gang involved in dealing class A drugs in Telford, which has lead to jail sentences totalling more than 55 years.

The gang, headed by Robert Bushell, 39, Hadley, involved several members of one family and was responsible for a conspiracy police believe has sold more than £200,000 worth of drugs.

Using undercover officers, video surveillance, audio recordings and the analysis of many mobile phones, police discovered the conspiracy, which involved more than 12 people sourcing, processing and selling the drugs over a period of 18 months.

At Birmingham Crown Court, Judge Philip Parker QC described Robert Bushell as a career criminal and said along with his brother, Neil Bushell, 35, played a leading role in the drugs plot.  He said: “The country despises drug dealers. They prey on people’s weaknesses and spread, not just the drugs, but crime, addiction, debt and general misery and this case also reveals how families are broken by drug abuse.”

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