A mother and father from Shropshire who deny murdering their baby boy asked about possible jail terms they might face, while he lay mortally injured in hospital, a court has heard.

Ashlea and Paul Thomas are on trial at Birmingham Crown Court accused over the murder of their 11-month-old son, Oliver Sargent, in 2012.

It was heard that Oliver was had been subjected to deliberately inflicted injury immediately before his collapse, four days before his eventual death.

Post mortem examinations revealed a Y-shaped fracture and, bleeding on the brain and evidence of haemorrhaging in both eyes.

Whilst being questioned, Mr Thomas claimed that the injuries were inflicted by their dog knocking over Oliver or sitting on him.

The court heard that Mr Thomas even asked a police officer how long he would be sent to jail over what had happened.

Mrs Thomas was allegedly later overheard by a nurse asking her mother ‘how long do you think I am going to get’, but then told police it was a reaction to ‘everyone pointing the finger’ of blame.

The trial, which is expected to last 5 weeks, continues.

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