A man has been jailed after faking his own kidnapping to swindle ransom money from his ex-girlfriend.

Mohammed Kahn, 33, sent pictures to his partner with fake injuries to back up his story. His story was rumbled when he asked for a further four figure sum from his partner, who then told the police.

Appearing at Wolverhampton Crown Court, Mohammed Kahn was jailed for four months after admitting to fraud.

Andrew Keogh, prosecuting, said the faked kidnapping took place over five days in October last year. Where text messages were sent to his girlfriend claiming that Kahn had been kidnapped and she needed to pay £1,200 for his release. But Kahn continued his ploy demanding a further £1,500 for his release, where the victim then alerted the police.

Mr. Keogh said: “The police attended the defendant’s home and found him unharmed and in possession of the mobile phone. He was arrested and said he was forced to send text messages from the two men.”

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