A former charity boss and British teacher, Simon Harris, 55, from Pudlestone, in Herefordshire has been accused of 22 offences of sexual abuse against boys as young as six from the East African country, Kenya.

One victim, giving evidence via satellite link to Birmingham Crown Court, described Mr Harris “doing bad manners” to him. When asked what happened afterwards, speaking through an interpreter, the boy said “He told me if I told anyone he would kill me.”

Allegations against Harris have dated back to 2001 and involved 11 victims. On Monday, before the trial, Harris admitted to six offences of indecently assaulting 3 boys aged between 13 and 14 whilst being a teacher in Devon in the 1980’s.

The trial is expected to last until Christmas. Please click here to view the profile of Sharon Bahia, who is prosecuting in this trial.

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