Mr Mayley, 24 with the mental age of nine, was killed in a street mugging by Jamal Jones, 17. Jones today has been jailed for at least 15 years at the Old Bailey and was told he had “imposed a life sentence of grief” on the family of “kind, innocent and vulnerable” Dean Mayley.

Mr Mayley was attacked by Jones and three others gang members in broad daylight in February earlier this year, the blade was trust through the heart so forcibly it passed through and came out the other side.

During the trial the court heard that Mayley was killed because he did not hand over his phone to the robbers. He had learning difficulties due to brain disorder called microcephaly and probably did not fully understand what they wanted, jurors were told.

Jones was convicted of murder and three others in the gang were found guilty of manslaughter and attempted robbery. After they were convicted in August, Judge Zeidman lifted a court order which had banned the naming of Jones and Leiba because of their age.

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