Hama Faraj Noori, 56, of Uppingham Gardens, The Meadows, was strangled and set on fire at his home, a jury at Nottingham Crown Court has heard.

Pawel Bugajski, 22, of Claypole Road, Hyson Green, and Patryk Strutkowski, 22, of Alfreton Road, Radford are both accused of his murder.

The court heard that Mr Noori had made a comment to Strutkowski, which insulted him, whilst they were all drinking together at Mr Noori’s home. It is alleged that Strutkowski took off his belt and gave it to Bugajski who put it round his neck and pulled it tight, Strutkowski then covered his face with a sleeping bag and didn’t let go until the victim had stopped fighting.

The court heard that Mr Noori’s body was moved to the bathroom and set on fire.

Later in the evening two teenage boys went to visit Mr Noori and saw smoke coming out of the bathroom. Mr Burrows QC, prosecuting, said: “They found the body of Hama Noori, he was clearly dead”.

Both defendants accept they were at Mr Noori’s house, but claim they lost self-control over something he did.

The trial continues.

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