Mark Browne, Lincoln, died in 2012 aged 46 after his GP, Dr Nicholas Smith, failed to detect he had symptoms of rectal cancer.  Mr Browne and his family were represented by Lime Solicitors, Leicester, and Henry Pitchers, barrister at No5 Chambers.

Dr Smith ultimately admitted wrongly diagnosing Mr Browne with piles rather than cancer. On 30 June 2014, the High Court in Nottingham approved a substantial settlement on behalf of Mr Browne’s estate and his family.  The court was told that the Doctor failed to carry out the correct examination when Mr Browne visited him in Autumn 2008.

When Mr Browne saw another GP in September 2009, he was referred as an urgent case to hospital. The family’s solicitor, Neil Clayton, said that had the growth been spotted initially, in all likelihood Mr Browne would have survived. 

Neil Clayton of Lime Solicitors said, “Although nothing will turn back the clock, today’s settlement will provide some financial help to the family he leaves behind.”

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