Mr Justice Lindblom yesterday heard the substantive hearing of R(Jones) v English Heritage, for which he granted permission at the first hearing before the Planning Court on 7 April 2014, click here for previous news item.

Ian Dove QC and James Corbet Burcher act for the Claimant, Mr Chas Jones, in his challenge to English Heritage’s refusal to designate Germany Beck as the 1066 Battle of Fulford.

The challenge concerns the correct interpretation of English Heritage’s Battlefield Designation Selection Guide, notably key designation criterion of ‘Location’.

The case has received broad media coverage today:

The Telegraph, ITV News, The Northern Echo, & York Press

The case is also procedurally interesting. The initial Order requested advance agreement of Narrative, Law and Issues between the parties. Agreed documents of this nature, akin to an Appeal Statement of Common Ground, may become increasingly common in appropriate Planning Court cases.

Judgment has been reserved.

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