Nageena Khalique appeared on behalf of the family of Dana Baker in a lengthy 4-week inquest culminating in a narrative Determination today by the Worcestershire Coroner Mr. Geraint Williams. The inquest into the death of a 16 year old girl who as a “looked after child” under the auspices of the local authority identified failings by Children’s services of Worcestershire County Council. The Coroner stated that “her death was contributed to by a failure to have in place adequate measures to protect her from a known, present and continuing risk that she would kill herself”.

This inquest followed an earlier ground breaking decision made by the Coroner following the application made by Nageena Khalique on behalf of the family for full disclosure of the Independent Management Review (IMR) documents and witness statements provided to the Serious Case Review SCR into the death of Dana Baker, a 16 year old child.  Such disclosure had never been granted before to interested persons (the family) and after successfully arguing that disclosure was necessary in order to satisfy the procedural requirements of Article 2 to enable proper participation of the family in the inquest, the Coroner granted the application and disclosure was made to the family in January 2014.

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