Joyce Trail, a dentist who submitted over 7,000 invoices for dental work she had not done, has been ordered to pay back more than £1.3million to the NHS.

Trail was sentenced to 7 years in jail after being convicted of conspiring to defraud the NHS in 2012.

In November 2013, Judge Peter Carr made an order under the proceeds of crime act for £358,281.87 to be confiscated from Trail.

At a further hearing at Warwick Crown Court, the prosecution said it was not disputed that Trail had fraudulently obtained a total of £1,376,423.80 from the NHS, and submitted that a compensation order for the full sum was appropriate.

Earl Pinnock, defending, said he was not making any submissions to the contrary.

Judge Carr said Trail had a ‘declared benefit’ of £1,376,423.80 and made a compensation order in the amount declared as the benefit, and gave 18 months to pay.

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