Thomas Morris, Cannock, has been jailed for 5 years and 8 months after admitting two charges of assault with intent to commit sexual office and inflicting grievous bodily harm, assault causing actual bodily harm and assault by beating.

On 5th September last year, Morris took a girl to Chasewater and attacked her. She managed to push him off, and he took her back to Walsall, but she was shaken and upset.

Later on in the day, Morris went to the home of a married woman, claiming he had seen an intruder in her garden. He followed her into her house, and put a cloth over her face. Stephen Bailey, prosecuting, said,  “It has not been possible to establish what was on that cloth.” She woke up around two hours later, her clothes had been ripped and a corrosive liquid had been poured over her body.

Judge Michael Elsom said Morris had intended to rape both women but the reasons he failed to do so were not known. Along with the prison sentence, Judge Elsom ordered him to register as a sex offender. 

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