Seven men from Plymouth, Liverpool and Cornwall have pleaded guilty to plotting to supply Class A drugs.

One of the men, Lee Connolly, 35, from Liverpool was stopped by police near Plympton with two kilos of cocaine in the car. At the time he was with his father Anthony Connolly, 56, who has denied the charge and is now facing trial with two other men, Scott Connors, 31, and Simon Mitchell, 37.

Lee Connolly had previously made more than 12 drug runs between Liverpool and Plymouth, which were followed by police offices using surveillance, mobile records, and number plate recognition cameras.

On the same day as the Connolly’s arrest, police also raided the house of Ian Phillip Smith, 46, Mutley, finding 377 grams of cocaine and £4,000 in cash. He has pleaded guilty to being part of the plot, along with Luke Connors, Wayne Fenton, 46, and Daniel Read, 40.

Conners, Mitchell, and Connolly all deny conspiracy to supply a Class A drug between May 2011 and January 2012. The trial continues.

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