Laurence Brown, 65, Mansfield, a former foundry owner, has been fined £45,000 for exposing workers to lead poisoning.

At Nottingham Crown Court last week, Brown admitted failing to ensure the health and welfare of employees between January 16th 2010 and June 22nd 2011.

Three employees had health problems after working at LDB Light Alloys Ltd, which has now closed. Brook Northey was first admitted to hospital after suffering from kidney pain, and was treated for lead poisoning.

This led to an investigation by the Health and Safety Executive that found the business was falling well below the required standards for lead smelting; there had been no risk assessment or training, there was insufficient ventilation and poorly maintained respiratory equipment, no cleaning facilities and no medical checks.

HSE Inspector Judith Sinnott said, “Mr Brown was reckless in his attitude to the health of his employees”.

Along with the £45,000 fine, Brown was ordered to pay £35,000 costs and handed a six month prison sentence, suspended for 18 months.

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