Nabila Mallick has been nominated for the 2014 Birmingham Law Society Pro Bono lawyer of the year award, In support of her nomination , a Birmingham based client wrote the following ;

Joe and Jane Public perceive lawyers to be rapacious beings with their first loyalty not to truth and rights, but to their wallets. Nabila Mallick is a barrister who is as far removed from that popular perception as it is possible to be. Her actions reveal that she truly believes that everyone is entitled to justice and equality under the law, irrespective of the size of their income or socio-economic background. From my own experience with her, I can see that she forgoes her own income repeatedly by working pro bono to make that principle a reality. In consequence, as I recognize and as Judge Richardson said on one of several occasions when she represented me pro bono at the EAT, “You are very lucky to have her as your lawyer.” 

Last year, the Birmingham Law Society Pro Bono Lawyer of the Year award went to No5 Barrister James Dixon.

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