A Spalding based firm, Lincolnshire Field Products, has admitted two charges of breaching health and safety laws after a farmer manager was crushed to death by a forklift truck.

Peter Barney, 58, Weston, died in October 2010 and the Health and Safety Executive said his death could have been prevented if the company had taken action following a previous warning. In 2003 safety consultants carried out a risk assessment, which noted the need for pedestrians and vehicles to be separated. Mr Barney was hit by the forklift truck whilst walking across a yard. The HSE Inspector said “Employees on foot were using the same doorway as the forklift truck, which meant there was a significant risk of them being struck.

“The company should have managed the yard so that people and vehicles were not sharing the same space. Sadly, Mr Barney lost his life because this simple procedure wasn’t in place”

Following a hearing at Lincoln Crown Court, Lincolnshire Field Products was fined £165,000 and ordered to pay £39,000 in costs.

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