James Barber, 31, Smethwick, has been cleared of dangerous driving.

Two brothers, Ricky and Lee Stokes, were out drinking in Kidderminster Town Centre when there was verbal confrontation between them and Barber.

The brothers claim that Barber drove towards Luke, clipped him on the leg, then did a handbrake turn and came back towards them, hitting Ricky. In the police interview, Luke Stokes said it was “like something out of Grand Theft Auto, the video game”.

Barber told the court he had been driving along when the brothers attacked the car, he said they were “very aggressive, very angry”.

He said that he had changed direction to escape the situation and had been forced to mount the verge, a man ran in front of him and he was unavoidable.

Luke Stokes admitted that he had had 8-10 pints of Strongbow and had a limited memory of what happened.

James Barber was cleared of dangerous driving.

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