Malcolm White, 64, the owner of a farmhouse in Worcester, shot a burglar who he caught trying to break a window of his property on 5 October 2011. White and his partner, Miss Merrick, were watching TV when they heard someone trying to smash the window.

White denies unlawfully wounding Robert Richards, who has had his leg amputated due to the gun shot injury.

Prosecutors said there was no doubt Richards was shot at a distance of 4-5 meters, there was also no doubt that Richards, along with two others, was trying to break into the farmhouse and that the issue is if White acted in self-defence or if the incident was an accident.

It was suggested that the burglars had intended to immboblise White and his partner who was also in the property, as cable ties were found on the driveway.

Malcolm White has been acquitted of unlawful wounding. He admitted growing cannabis and illegal possession of weapons and will be sentenced at a later date.

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