Barinder Lal, 49, who suffered from diabetes, was found dead with burns to his face, arms and chest in a sauna at Cascades Leisure Centre in Gravesend on 1st June last year.

An inquest heard that that Mr Lal may have been in the sauna for up to 40 minutes, which is twice the recommended time. Staff tried to resuscitate Mr Lal, but he did not respond.

At Gravesend Old Town Hall, Pathologist Peter Jerreat told the inquest that Mr Lal died of heat exposure with burns and explained that lowering your blood pressure when diabetic can be a dangerous thing. The deceased’s condition of diabetes played no part in his death.

The sauna had been working correctly, and signs outside recommended that people only stay inside for 20 minutes.

The jury returned a verdict of accidental death, and Coroner Roger Hatch said ‘I express my sympathies, as I’m sure the jury does, to the family.’

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