PC Louise Taylor, 34, Great Bar and PC Andrew Wagg, 29, Kings Norton, were accused of false imprisonment of a man who was arrested for breach of the peace in Lozells Road, Handsworth in November 2011. The officers were due to stand trial on Monday, 14th October 2013, but the case was dismissed.

The man was stopped in his car on November 13 2011, and was issued a fixed penalty notice for illegal possession of cannabis. After allegedly becoming aggressive, he was arrested.

Adrian Keeling QC, defending PC Wagg, said the pair followed instructions from a sergeant to arrest him, take him away from the scene, and if he had calmed down de-arrest him and take him home.

The prosecution alleged that the officers should have taken the man to the police station, but instead the drove him in the opposite direction of his home, when he sustained a head injury after a struggle.

Judge Amjad Nawaz recorded a not guilty verdict and said there was no evidence that could render the detention unlawful.

CI Debra Doyle, from the Police Professional Standards Department said “The allegations will now be scrutinised as part of an internal misconduct investigation.”

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