A former police constable, Robin Mullett, 40 and his sister, Nicola Mullett, 46, are accused of attacking Robert Cummings after a row about loud music escalated to violence.

Mr Cummings lives above the Mulletts’ mother in a maisonette flat in Rowley Regis. The pair knocked on the door of the Cummings property to complain about loud music on 22nd December last year.

Mr Mullett allegedly punched and stamped on Mr Cummings, causing a deep gash to his head, and his sister is accused of kicking him and assault of another man at the scene. The pair are also accused of common assault of Mr Cummings Mother, Laura Cummings. Both deny the charges of wounding with intent and common assault.

Mr Mullett claims he acted in self-defence, saying Mr Cummings grabbed him around the throat.

The prosecution said “whether the purpose was to speak to the occupants or to perpetrate immediate unlawful violence is not necessarily clear. But as soon as the door was opened by Laura Cummings a very violent incident took place.”

Brian Dean, defending, said Mr Cummings had been accused by his ex-partner of grabbing her around the throat in a similar manner during a domestic row in 2011. He also accused Mr Cummings of “massively exaggerating” the assault.

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