The death of a man who was sent home from Bradford Royal Infirmary three times in less than a week was down to natural causes, an inquest heard.

Devon Noad – who was also known by his nickname Nigel – died on June 23 last year after choking on his own vomit.

The 40-year-old care worker was found in the bathroom of his friend’s house on Hawkshead Walk, in Little Horton, Bradford.

He had died of aspiration pneumonia, brought on by a portal vein thrombosis (PVT) – blood clot – that had been caused by a small bowel infarction (his bowel had stopped working).

His family had accused BRI of neglect, claiming more could have been done to help Mr Noad who had visited the hospital on June 15, 20 and 21 with stomach pain.

But yesterday, at Bradford Coroner’s Court, Assistant Coroner Caroline Sumeray concluded that Mr Noad died from a “fresh bowel infarction” that would have more than likely appeared between his last visit to the hospital on June 21 and his death two days later.

“The evidence from Dr Deirdre McKenna was that Devon Noad died from a fresh bowel infarction, which would not have presented on his visits to Bradford Royal Infirmary,” said Mrs Sumeray.

The inquest, which heard all the evidence at a previous hearing on July 19, had heard questions about whether CT or MRI scans could have shown what was wrong with Mr Noad before it was too late. But Mrs Sumeray said: “A lack of scans did not contribute to Devon Noad’s death. He died of natural causes.”

Mrs Sumeray summed up the evidence before giving her conclusion. She talked of the evidence of Colin Holburn, an independent expert, who had replied “yes” to the question: “Is PVT a condition that can be missed despite everyone’s best efforts?”

The inquest also heard that Dr Bradley Wilson, an A&E consultant at Bradford Teaching Hospitals, had, as a result of Mr Noad’s case, “learnt that in future if they get someone in with recurrent stomach pain, they should do ultra-sound, MRI or CT scans”.

A spokesman for Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust said: “On behalf of the Foundation Trust, I’d like to offer sincere condolences to Mr Noad’s family and friends.”

Mr Noad’s family said they were too upset to comment, but added they would be looking to take the matter further.

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