A strip of turf in Aston has become Birmingham’s newest village green. 
Two years ago planning permission was granted to turn the area into an eight-space car park for a local mosque, which is what sparked the village green application.
The council’s licensing committee ordered an independent inquiry to settle the issue. No5 barrister Timothy Jones was the inspector in this case.
He said: “I accept the evidence that the land was used for the lawful pastimes of dog-walking, children playing, a disabled wheel-chair bound child taking the air and, occasionally, for picnicking.
“I conclude that lawful pastimes occurred sufficiently often and were indulged by a sufficient number of people from the neighbourhood.”
The licensing committee backed his views and village green status was granted. In Birmingham, this status has tended to protect land from development. However, from October, village green laws will be changed and it will not be possible to submit an application on land where there is active planning permission.
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