Darren Bradley, 44, made £2.5 million through drugs and fake clothing rackets, but came into financial difficulty after being jailed for drugs offences in 2010.
Bradley ran Elite Tanning and Beauty Ltd in Bilston, owned properties in Wolverhampton, a tanning business on Stafford Road, brought several cars and had financial connections to a gym and café in Dudley.
However, a Proceeds of Crime hearing yesterday revealed that Bradley was in financial difficulty. He made the £2.5 million from criminal initiatives that led to the conviction for drugs charges, but Mr Andrew Wallace said the amount of money being sought as part of the Proceeds of Crime hearing was £600,594 because this was the most they could hope to get.
From his prison cell, Bradley managed to arrange for fake clothing goods to be delivered to the tanning salon in Bilston, which was seized after a tip off from the Brand Prosecution Service.
Bradley had 10 weeks added to his 8-year sentence and the business was ordered to pay £8,000 for the offences as well as £500 costs. 
The Proceeds of Crime case continues.
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