Nine men from Coventry have all been cleared of murder of a Coventry Dad, David Gower. All were accused of playing a part in the killing which took place in Bulkington last June. 
The prosecution alleged that a revenge attack was plotted after Luigi Prota attacked Gary Rahim following a dispute about building work, and that David Gower was killed when he got in the way during the revenge attack. 
Weeks into the trial a claim emerged that Mr Prota, a key prosecution witness, had fired a weapon during the attack, despite previously giving evidence and denying any role in the murder. This information was only revealed to defence barristers on November 8th, which caused long delays. The conflict meant that the prosecution declined to continue with the trial, and Madam Justice Sharp formally directed the jury to find every defendant not guilty. 
Mr Rahim, of Armstrong Avenue, Stoke; Mr Potter, 45, of Hipswell Highway, Wyken; Mr Simmons, 27, of Elm Close, Binley Woods; Seymour Young, 46, of London; Harold Hurst, 47 and Mark Francke, 43, both of Seymour Road, Derby; Leroy Smith, 47, of Boulder Lane, Leicester; Cleavone Fisher, 34, from Crumpsall, Manchester; and Craig Halls, 38, of Bessell Lane, Stapleford, Nottingham, had all denied charges.
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