Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises are being sued for a total of £500,000, by 25 passengers who fell ill on board a luxury cruise ship between December 2010 and June 2011. 
The passengers claim that there were multiple cases of gastroenteritis on previous cruises, and that staff had not cleaned the ship adequately, nor were they warned about the previous sickness. 
Charles Crow, representing the group said that “The company, despite multiple cases of gastroenteritis on previous cruises, failed to effectively remedy the situation, whether by way of adequate cleaning/sanitisation or greater control in the preparation of food and drink,”
“Royal Caribbean failed to allocate the passengers to a ship which was not experiencing an outbreak of gastric illness, (or) if no such ship was available, failed to notify them prior to embarkation and/or offer them a full refund.
“Had the passengers been made aware in advance, they would have been likely to have refused to travel and so avoided illness, loss and damage.”
A spokesperson for Royal Caribbean said that not all of the 25 passengers had suffered illness and those who had, responded to over the counter medication administered on board. The 25 passengers were on board 5 different cruises within the seven-month period. 
“Regarding the instances referred to, our crew conducted extensive cleaning on-board the ship and guests were kept up to date on these additional measures prior to embarkation and throughout their cruise. Our hygiene procedures on-board are comprehensive and always strictly adhered to.”
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