Vinisha Sharma, 39, a fraudster dentist who gained over £160,000 during a period of nine years working in jobs which she secured based on a fake Bachelor of Dental Surgery degree from India, has been ordered to pay back just £1,819.

Throughout the nine year period, Sharma’s salary was paid into her mothers bank account, which the prosecution said was also fraud on Sharma’s part and could be recovered through Proceeds of Crime legislation.

Harpreet Sandhu, defending, stated that Sharma used her mothers bank account with permission due to her own poor credit rating.

It was ruled that the only recoverable assets belonging to Sharma were a car and number plate. Sharma was ordered to pay back £1,819 within six months or face jail.

Sharma had previously been jailed for three years, after admitting fraud and forgery for gaining employment based on the fake bachelors degree.

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