Sex beast Michael Gallagher – who kidnapped a teenager and left her tied up in a derelict building – has been described as “pure evil” by a former Birmingham neighbour.
The resident, who would not be named, said the 32-year-old was arrested up to three times a week before he was finally evicted from his home in Clumbury Croft, Shard End.
He dubbed Gallagher a “neighbour from hell” who even stole Christmas presents being delivered by a postman.
Gallagher was jailed for at least eight years last Friday for abducting his 17-year-old victim in Sheldon and sexually assaulting her before leaving her tied up in a disused BT building.
The attack happened last April – just four months after Gallagher made a pregnant woman strip off some clothing before taking her handbag and Christmas presents.
The neighbour said: “He is pure evil and he will not stop.
“He was arrested two or three times a week when I was living there.
“I blame the courts for not sentencing him properly for all the robberies and the thefts he committed. He should not have been walking the streets to commit these sick crimes.
“He was finally evicted eight months ago and it has been a totally different place.”
Gallagher was also ordered to register as a sex offender for an indefinite period.
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