A gang of men were today behind bars following the robbery of a Polish lorry driver who died of a heart attack after being ambushed. His body was then dumped by the roadside in Dudley.
Bogdan Bartczak’s dead body was dragged on to park land off Vale Road after he collapsed while his lorry was being robbed.
The men targeted Mr Bartczak’s HGV because it contained 227 flat screen TVs worth £250,000, Birmingham Crown Court heard.
But the robbery had “tragic consequences” when 57-year-old father-of-one Mr Bartczak, who suffered from a heart condition, died. He was discovered the day after the robbery, seven miles from his lorry which had been abandoned on the Vectra Industrial Estate in Whites Road, West Bromwich.
Judge Michael Cromwell said Mr Bartczak was “disposed of as if he was a worthless piece of roadkill” and said the “callous” group had made no effort to seek medical help when he fell ill.
Nine men were today behind bars after being jailed for a total of more than 45 years in connection with the crime and other lorry robberies.
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