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Abdul Hafeez

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Lucas Bennett
Gavin John
Christy Irvine

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Tony McDaid

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Public Access Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Services

No5 Immigration Services - Direct Access - Individual Immigration and Business Immigration

If you would like to instruct barristers through our No5 Direct Access service, email Abdul Hafeez  or call on +44 (0) 845 210 5555.
No5 Immigration Services offer a team of highly specialist Immigration barristers, who provide cost-effective legal assistance. Our barristers can deal with every type of Immigration law query and appear at every level of court or tribunal, from the First and Upper Tier Tribunal through to the Supreme Court and European Court. The No5 Immigration Services Team is committed to providing clients with quality, accessibility and value for money.
Business Immigration
No5 Immigration Services can also provide advice, representation and advocacy in relation to all aspects of business and commercial immigration law including:
·   Investment Immigration
·   Tech Start-Ups & Digital Talent
·   Small and Medium Businesses
·   Multinational Companies
·   Artists and Entertainers
·   Sportspersons
·   Sponsor Licence Applications
·   Work Visas
·   Visitor Visas for Business
·   Sole Representative Visas
·   Intra-Company Transfers
·   Compliance & Civil Penalties.
Individual Immigration
No5 Immigration Services can provide legal advice and representation in relation to all aspects of individual immigration law including:
·    Investors & Entrepreneurs
·    Partners and Family
·    EEA Nationals and Family
·    Work Visas
·    Short Stay Visas
·    Study Visas
·    Settlement in the UK
·    British Citizenship
·    Human Rights and Asylum
·    UK Visa Applications
·    Challenging Decisions
·    Premium and Priority Visa Services
Is my case suitable for the Public Access scheme? 
Not always. Some case are suitable for public access and some cases require a solicitor’s intervention as litigation may be required. Barristers are not currently permitted to litigate. Although there are numerous scenarios where Public Access may be entirely appropriate.  
When do I have to pay?
Fees for every item of work are normally paid in advance.
Do I enter into a contract with the barrister?
Yes. Once fees have been agreed you will receive a contract signed by Counsel which will be in the form of a Client Care Letter. You will be required to sign both keeping one for yourself. It is important that you read this contract carefully.
What will my role be?
You will carry out certain tasks which a solicitor would otherwise do. This would include preparing the papers that Counsel will need. You will also have to prepare instructions which are a synopsis of your case, a chronology or timeline of events and exactly what you are asking the barrister to do.
If you would like to instruct barristers through our No5 Direct Access service, email Abdul Hafeez or call +44 (0) 845 210 5555.