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Walter Bealby - Crime

Walter Bealby has great experience of crime, both in London, where he was based for many years, and in the West Midlands. He defends and prosecutes in serious cases from murder downwards.

He is a grade 4 prosecutor in the West Midlands and involved in prosecuting serious crime. He has appeared at the Old Bailey several times and also the Court of Appeal (Criminal Division).



R –v- T
Two brothers charged with historical rape allegations upon their sister in a two week trial, the witnesses required some very delicate handling

R –v- Bauer
Defending a man charged along with five others involved in the death of a man during a violent altercation. Six week trial involving 40 witnesses.

R –v- Wakkas
Armed street robbery. Use of a baseball bat to attack and rob random people.

R –v- Trussler 
Defending man charged with assault and serious firearms offences.

R –v- S
Prosecuted a Mother charged with Child Cruelty following an 8 day trial

R –v- Bentley, O’Regan & Eburne
Prosecuted 10 day aggravated burglary trial

R –v- K
Prosecuted defendant charged with rape, convicted after 5 day trial

R –v- Mangta & Hussain 
Prosecuted 10 day Perverting the Course of Justice trial

R –v- Avram 
Defended complex people trafficking trial. UKBA/SOCA investigation involving Romanian nationals

R –v- Markman
Prosecuted near fatal stabbing trial in a West Bromwich pub


(BA Hons.) Bristol University