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Tom Schofield Crime

Fiercely Independent; Highly Motivated and Professional; and with a Single Minded approach to his Clients’ Interests ... Tom is considered a Formidable Advocate, by his clients and peers alike.

He is a Specialist Criminal and Regulatory practitioner and has Prosecuted and Defended in a wide range of cases, including: Murder; serious Sexual Offences; Financial Crimes; serious Drugs Offences; and Breaches of Regulatory Codes.

Tom is a Grade 4 prosecutor – one of the youngest ever to have reach that rank in the West Midlands - and with one of the highest levels of Government Security Clearance, he is able to accept instructions in cases involving offences affecting National Security or the disclosure of material affecting national security.

Tom is the Junior (and former Secretary) of the Midland Circuit and an Executive Member of the Criminal Bar Association. He is also a qualified Public Access barrister and Pupillage Supervisor.

Tom has a particular interest in Appeals and advises on appealing against Wrongful Convictions; Excessive Sentences; and unfair Confiscation Orders. He has considerable experience in the Court of Appeal, and has been involved in many reported cases. 

Tom also offers legal services in cases concerning the following matters:

  •     Breaches of Regulatory Codes (Trading Standards, Trademarks, Health and Safety)
  •     Professional Discipline (Police, Medical professions, etc)
  •     Sports law (Tribunals, etc)
  •     Money Laundering/ Bribery Regulations
  •     Road Traffic Offences (Disqualification etc)

Tom has a developing International Practice, stretching from India to the Caribbean and recognises the demand from overseas for high levels of Expertise in Advocacy. Tom has lectured in New Delhi and the Cayman Islands on Money Laundering offences and regulation, and travelled to Dubai to secure evidence in a domestic case with an international dimension.

Tom’s strength lies in his complete Commitment to every case he is involved in. He has a Meticulous Approach to Preparation, and places great emphasis on winning the Trust of his clients and treating them with Respect. Whether his client is a business leader, a surgeon, or an illiterate person of no fixed abode, they all receive the same level of Uncompromising Representation.



R v MS (2014) - Prosecuted in an appeal to the Court of Appeal, concerning a Circuit Judge’s powers to increase sentence under the ‘slip rule’ where he believed he had made a mistake as to his sentencing powers, and whether he had the power to depart from the sentencing guidelines in an unusual case.

R v TG (2014) - Defending in an ongoing case involving an allegation of a £50 million money laundering conspiracy.

R v X (2014) - Defending in an ongoing case involving an alleged multi million pound fraud on Virgin Media.

Operation Cinder (2014) - Defending in an ongoing case involving an alleged conspiracy to kidnap and torture. The case is said to be the most complicated ever investigated by the Warwickshire police involving thousands of pages of telephone data.

R v CL (2014) - Defending in an ongoing case involving an alleged cyber attack in the City of London.

R v AB (2014) - Defending in an ongoing case involving the alleged interception of money transfers in the heart of London’s financial centre, by Royal Mail Staff.

Operation Damascus (2014) - Successfully prosecuted 12 Defendants in a case involving international conspiracies to import into the UK and supply, tens of kilograms of Cocaine and 12 tons of Cannabis. A complicated case involving evidence of intercepted telephone calls in Spain and Holland, and the analysis of telephone and cell site data.

R v SS (2013) - Successfully defended in an alleged fraud on Royal Mail by an ‘Amazon’ style business.

R v FS (2013) - Defended in an appeal to the Court of Appeal against a finding that the Appellant (who suffered from a mental disability) had raped his partner’s friend. The trial judge had permitted the Crown to adduce the Appellant’s lies in interview to support the Crown’s case of a lack of consent, notwithstanding the fact that the Appellant was incapable of understanding the police caution. The Court of Appeal agreed that this evidence should have been excluded.

R v AM (2013) - Defended in an appeal against conviction in the Court of Appeal, concerning the suppression of evidence by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs in a trial involving the Appellant. The Appellant was the Director of a company which owned state of the art technology which was being used without license in the UK and thus causing a significant loss to the Revenue. In the trial concerning whether or not the Appellant had committed an Aggravated Burglary with others to steal the technology’s source codes back, HMRC suppressed the fact that the Appellant’s Co-Defendant was their informant.

R v NS (2012) - Defended in a high profile trial concerning the largest fraud in history committed against the NHS. A dentist made over 7000 claims for payment by the NHS, for dental work which was never done. The case involved hundreds of thousands of used and unused documents and required an in depth understanding of dental procedures. The case attracted significant national media attention.

R v JS (2012) - Defended in a case concerning a cyber attack on the United Nations and Spanish Carbon Credit Registries. Hackers sent emails with virus attachments, to staff working in the Carbon Credit stock market. Once opened, the attachments were able to find passwords for transfers to be made undetected. £4 million worth of credits were stolen.

R v NA (2012) - Defended in a massive conspiracy to import by air and sea, hundreds of kilograms of heroin into the UK, inside ‘arvi’ (an Asian vegetable).

R v KJ (2012) - Defended in a conspiracy to steal and handle millions of pounds worth of beer kegs. Beer kegs have a high scrap value and were being stolen rather than returned to the brewers who owned them. The case involved complex legal issues concerning the ownership of the kegs.

R v ZM (2012) - Successfully Defended in an appeal to the Court of Appeal concerning valuations in Confiscation proceedings. The Appellant was convicted of mortgage fraud. He gave false or misleading information to a mortgage company which in due course, transferred to him a mortgage advance with which he bought a property. The court at first instance ruled that the value of his benefit from the crime, was the value of the mortgage advance, whereas it was the Appellant’s case that the value of his benefit was the equity of redemption. 

Operation Acumen (2011) - Successfully prosecuted in a case concerning police misconduct and corruption. Police officers, police staff, and outside contractors had conspired to extract valuable payments for goods and services which were never provided. A highly sensitive case which was tried at the height of the MP expenses scandal.

R v GH (2010) - Successfully defended in the Court of Appeal (Criminal Division) in the leading authority on the admission ‘reverse propensity evidence’ - evidence of the propensity of a non Defendant to commit the crime of which the Defendant is accused.

R v M (2010) - Successfully prosecuted a suspected Terrorist for drug trafficking. Complex disclosure issues and involvement of MI5.