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Timothy Newman - Personal Injury

Tim has over 30 years experience representing a broad range of clients but is now primarily engaged in serious trauma cases and cases involving clinical negligence.

His practice includes complex cases involving clients with brain injuries with consideration of children’s special educational needs and wider litigation involving local education authorities.  He deals with issues such as capacity, Lowe v. Guise claims and lifelong care claims. His involvement with clients who have suffered major injuries has led development of an understanding of the equipment needs of those who have suffered amputation, brain or spinal injuries. 

Tim deals with fatal accident claims including the dependency claims of children who may have a pre-existing condition such as autism. 

Tim also deals with serious cycle and motorcycle claims.


Tim is a qualified Mediator


Tim is a member and former Secretary of PIBA and a former member of the Bar Council.


Tim is a recently appointed trustee of “Kissing it Better” - a charity dedicated to improving the experience of patients in hospitals and care homes. 

Tim has acted as a Court Examiner in the Australian High Court in respect of an English claimant’s personal injury claim.