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Steven Bailey - Crime

Steven Bailey practises in criminal law and has also worked in the family courts. This allows him to bring useful extra knowledge and experience into play on behalf of his clients. He both prosecutes and defends, and has a wide range of experience in many areas, including cases dealing with trading standards, consumer protection and other regulatory fields (including the licensing of taxis and private hire drivers and vehicles), and under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. He considers cases with practical sense as well as intellectual rigour. He tries to remain approachable and to retain a sense of humour. He grew up in Birmingham and frequently finds his local knowledge useful.


BA (Hons) Jurisprudence; 2:1 University of Oxford
M.Phil Criminology, University of Cambridge


Criminal Bar Association


1999: R V Frost & others, Liverpool Crown Court; Health & Safety at Work/fatal accident; defence (instructed alone) for principal defendant

2000: R v Kgodumo & Kasim; opinion for Criminal Cases Review Commission; conspiracy to defraud, value US$23 million

2003: R v Johnson & others, Derby Crown Court; conspiracy to defraud, value ~£5 million; junior counsel for prosecution

2003: R v Duong Ho & others, Bham Crown Court [The “China Palace Casino” case]; murder/violent disorder; junior counsel for one of the principal defendants; one of only two defendants to be acquitted 

2005: R v Sockalingam & others, Stafford Crown Court; conspiracy to defraud/”debit card skimming”, value ~£2.3 million; defence

2005: R v Kirk, Bham Crown Court (and CCA, 2006; reported, Archbold News, 2006, Issue 6 & Criminal Law Week 06/21/9 & 16); on meaning of “obscene” and “indecent” in Postal Services Act 2002

2005: R v Grice, Stafford Crown Court, indecent assault by female teacher on 14 year old male neighbour; defence 2006: R v Bartlett, Stafford Crown Court; attempted murder by a prison governor of his wife; defence counsel. Mitigation and substantial medical evidence led to the imposition of a Hospital Order with a Restriction Order

2006: R v Duong Ho & others, Newcastle Upon Tyne Crown Court; instructed on behalf of a previous client (see above),charged with conspiracy to cultivate cannabis; acquitted when prosecution offered no evidence on legal argument on autrefois convict/abuse of process