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Barrister - Steven Bailey

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Steven Bailey - Crime


1990: B.A. Jurisprudence, Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford University
1991: M.Phil. Criminology, Wolfson College, Cambridge University
Harmsworth Major Entrance Exhibitioner and Astbury Scholar, Middle Temple
Year of Call: 1992
Level 4 Prosecutor and specialist in rape and serious sexual offences
Qualified to conduct Public Access work in crime

“Steven Bailey is an outstanding advocate.”
“His work rate and people skills are first rate.”
“His analytical skills are excellent.  He is able to identify the issues in a case very quickly and will provide prompt advice as to what other lines of enquiry should be pursued.”
“He has the common touch and a very attractive, understated wit.  These qualities are displayed to great effect and enable him to relate with equal ease to judges, juries and witnesses.”
“He is very good at working as part of a team and has an excellent manner with both professional and lay witnesses such as children.”
“He has a command of [the law and evidence relating to sexual offences] which can only come from a brilliant mind and long experience of such cases.  He has both.”
“In dealing with the judiciary he is both respectful and precise but also resolute in his position and is not intimidated.”
“Some people have natural authority.  Steven is one of them.”

Steven Bailey grew up in Birmingham and prosecutes and defends all over the Midlands.

In the Crown Court, approximately 60% of rape trials result in conviction.  Prosecuting, his recent conviction rate exceeds this figure.  Defending, he tends to win more cases than he loses.

Despite having developed a specialism in rape and serious sexual offences – particularly those involving “historic” allegations and cases involving children – he also has wide experience in all other areas of the criminal law, including:

·       Serious violence, including murder;
·       Serious drugs cases, including nation-wide conspiracies to supply;
·       Health and Safety and Trading Standards prosecutions;
·       Cases involving serious mental health issues and medical disposals such as hospital orders, and witnesses/defendants needing the assistance of intermediaries.

He also has a background in family work, particularly in care proceedings and adoption cases brought by local authorities.


Rv Kirk – reported at [2006] EWCA Crim 725; [2006] Crim L R 850: on the definition of “indecent or obscene” in the Postal Services Act 2000.

R v B, Stafford Crown Court: defending a young man charged with raping a female friend; case involving close analysis of mobile telephone and cell-site evidence, and sensitive cross examination regarding previous sexual history.  Defendant acquitted.

R v B, Stafford Crown Court: defending a young man with significant personality difficulties following a serious head injury; defendant charged with a serious assault, requiring the assistance of an intermediary.  Defendant acquitted of the principal allegation against him.

R v H, Birmingham Crown Court: junior counsel for main defendant charged with murder, alleged to be a paid “hit-man”; case involved complicated arguments regarding bad character and evidence obtained by covert surveillance.  Previously represented the same defendant regarding a nation-wide conspiracy to supply class A and B drugs.

R v R, Wolverhampton Crown Court: prosecuting a foster-father charged with “grooming” a child in his care, culminating in a full sexual relationship; complex case involving large amounts of technical computer and photographic material, and complicated disclosure.  Taken as a late return; defendant convicted.

R v O, Birmingham Crown Court: prosecuting a father for raping two daughters over 30 years ago; defendant in ill-health and participating in the trial (including giving evidence) via video-link from a remote location, after long and detailed medical evidence and legal argument.  Defendant convicted.

R v S, Stafford Crown Court: Defence counsel in trial of a young man charged with raping his ex-girlfriend.  Issue: accident.  Result: defendant acquitted.

Recently instructed to prosecute defendants connected with the so-called “Trojan Horse” schools, on charges relating to indecent images.Increasingly instructed to advise pre-charge on serious sexual cases.