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Barrister - Sophie Murray

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Sophie Murray - Crime

Sophie Murray is a Barrister with extensive experience representing clients charged will all types of offences. She has predominately defended although she is also a grade 3 prosecutor. She is an effective and approachable advocate.

Sophie has defended in all cases of serious crime including murder, manslaughter, misconduct in a public office, serious fraud, GBH, rape, indecent assault, false imprisonment, kidnap, robbery, arson, pervert the course of justice, affray, and the supply and cultivation of drugs.

Sophie has also extensive experience advising on all aspects of white collar, business and regulatory offences.

She has a particular specialism in representing young clients and those with Autism.

She has been involved in a number of multi-handed cases both as junior alone and being led.

Most recently she represented a defendant in a multi-handed historic sexual abuse trial who faced multiple charges Including child trafficking, rape and prostitution.

She represented a client charged with Blackmail, False imprisonment and GBH as part of a gang who kidnapped a man at gunpoint in broad daylight.

She was led by David Mason QC v Davies involving a day time shooting in Birmingham and has also been led by HHJ Peter Lodder QC in R v Mills involving a defence of diminished responsibility and loss of control.

Led by Brian Dean they successfully defended a police officer accused of being part of an organised crime gang supplying class A drugs to the North East (R v Thompson and Others).

Sophie has appeared in the Court of Appeal successfully appealing a conviction for sexual assault where the issues involved the defence cross examining the witness on a previous inconsistent statement at a retrial and whether there was any power to allow the prosecution to object to the admission of defence evidence. (R v A S)

Sophie has also been successful in the Court of Appeal appealing an indefinite sentence for sexual assault and a determinate sentence for GBH.