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Barrister - samantha forsyth

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Samantha Forsyth - Crime

Samantha is a specialist criminal practitioner and a jury advocate.

Frequently instructed in very serious criminal offences such as attempted murder, manslaughter, infanticide, causing or allowing a death, death by dangerous driving, importation and supply of drugs and gun and gang related crime or cases involving witnesses or defendants vulnerable by reason of age (represented several very young defendants), mental and/or physical incapacity or other emotional trauma.

Extensive experience in defending the most serious sexual offences such as organised paedophile rings, gang rapes and rape/sexual abuse of young children by family members or others in positions of trust, such as teachers, carers, foster parents and medics. 

Frequently advises in relation to historic sexual offending, indictments (severance and joinder), third party disclosure, and public interest immunity, abuse of process, use of intermediaries and special measures and sexual offences prevention orders and custody time limits. Lectures upon sexual offending and sentencing.

Considerable experience representing defendants with mental health difficulties or who are unfit to plead or were insane at the time of the alleged offending. Lectures on mental health law and sentencing for those deemed to have “committed acts” or not guilty by reason of insanity.

Accredited under the Public Access Procedure and is happy to receive instructions from members of the public in suitable cases.

Grade 4 prosecutor on the Midland and Western Circuits. Rape specialist. Registered pupil supervisor. Former Principal Crown Advocate for CPS West Midlands.

Recent Instructions Have Included:-

  • Defended in “ Operation Retriever” Derbyshire’s police largest investigation into sexual offending against young girls;
  • Defended teacher of good character charged with serious sexual offences against former pupil. Lengthy abuse of process argument centring upon prosecution misconduct in relation to witness contact. Acquitted;
  • Defended mentally disturbed adult with IQ of a 10 year old charged with rape. Confession evidence excluded after week long admissibility hearing;
  • Defended mother accused of aiding and abetting rape upon her baby- duress defence;
  • Defended lottery winner in a multiple death by careless driving case;
  • Defended alleged gang members in armed robbery trial ( firearms used)-substantial legal argument in relation to use of “gang” evidence from police, probation service and parole board;
  • Defended in substantial (multi- million pounds) production of drugs case- Crown offered no evidence after successful legal argument on meaning of “production”.


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