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Richard Adkinson - Commercial Litigation

Richard has a wide range of experience in many aspects of commercial law from advising, settling pleadings and representations at hearings.

Examples of recent cases that Richard has dealt with include

•       Breach of Contract - dispute over defects: a purchaser of a flat was refusing to pay the balance of the purchase price on the basis that there were alleged defects that the builder had failed to rectify.

•       Breach of Contract – dispute over defects: a failure by a builder to pay its subcontractor on the basis that the subcontractor had allegedly supplied faulty equipment and part of the alleged debts had in any event been paid.

•       Breach of Contract and debt: a claim by an organisation that had several subsidiary companies that provided conference services where one of the subsidiaries had allegedly contracted to provide services for about £50,000 to a third party but where (a) it was alleged no payment had been made and (b) it was not clear which subsidiary company was a party to the contract.

•       Breach of contract and debt: defence of a local authority sued for fees for surveying a concrete highway where in fact the surveying was not of the standard contracted for.

•       Contract of employment and restrictive covenants: a question about whether an employer had a claim against a former employee for breach of restrictive covenants, considering enforceability and whether a breach on the facts

•       Contract of employment and entitlement to redundancy pay: acting for a company where the former employees sued for contractual redundancy pay in the High Court.

•       Contract and credit hire: acting for a defendant hirer being pursued for credit hire charges nearly 6 years after hire.

•       Discrimination in the provision of goods and services: whether a garage had discriminated by refusing to sell goods to a person allegedly on the grounds of race.

•       Guarantees: a case where the claimant asserted the defendants had guaranteed payments and whether or not the guarantee was enforceable by estoppel.

•       Interpretation of contract: an issue over whether a company that had produced bags for a large supermarket chain could sue on the contract for the sale price after the supermarket had said it did not want them after all.

•       Negligence: Representing a vendor of a static home in which damage occurred because of a leak from the hot water system

•       Negligence: Representing the manufacturer of a treadmill implicated in a house fire, where the treadmill may have been a fake product.

•       Non est factum: a claim against a local authority where the defendant denied its employees had signed the orders on which the claimant relied, requiring consideration of handwriting evidence.


Richard is able to accept work directly under the public access scheme.


“Calmer waters” N.L.J. 2014, 164(7615), 16-17: An examination of damages for breach of contract and causation where wronged party apparently better off.

“Under the influence?”, N.L.J. 2008, 158(7341), 1452-1453 : An examination of the doctrine of undue influence


Richard is a member of the Attorney General’s Panel of Junior Counsel to the Crown for the Midlands’ Region.

Richard has been appointed as an Advocate for the Welsh Government in Employment Law, A Panel.

Richard is a Deputy District Judge in the North Eastern Region.


MEng (Hons) Electronic (Communications) Engineering, University of Sheffield
PGDip (Law), De Montfort University


Employment Law Association
Midland Chancery and Commercial Bar Association