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Philip Bradley QC New

Year of Call:  1993

Year of Silk:  2017

Phil Bradley Crime CV

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Senior Practice Manager
Andrew Trotter

Practice Group Clerks
Craig Nicholls
Michael Powell 
Drew Platt
James Harte
Daniel Lillis
Marc Forrest-Thomas

Chief Executive & Director of Clerking
Tony McDaid

Tel: +44 (0) 845 210 5555
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Phil Bradley QC - Crime

“Highly regarded”
“Hard working, conscientious and empathises with clients very well”
“Conscientious and tenacious”
“Handles serious crime… His extensive practice ranges from murder to serious sexual offences”

Phil Bradley QC was called to the Bar in 1993. Having established wide-ranging and successful defence and prosecution practices, he took Silk in 2017. He is rated as a ‘Leading Silk’ in the 2018 Birmingham Law Society ‘Legal 500’ for the West Midlands.

Since taking Silk, Phil has developed and consolidated a practice defending and prosecuting Homicide and serious crime.  Forthcoming cases include several murders and attempted murder (prosecuting and defending) and representing the main defendant in a notorious, nationally reported case involving an acid attack on a young child.  He is also privately instructed to defend allegations of serious sexual offences and serious violence.

NOTABLE CASES                                                   

R v MP & Others [2017]: Leading Prosecution Counsel in ‘county lines’ drugs conspiracy, where users were terrorised by controlling gang. Ring-leader sentenced to 20 years imprisonment

R v H [2017]: Prosecution of a defendant who killed a work colleague in a ‘one punch’ manslaughter.

R v CP [2017]: Leading Defence Counsel in a notorious, nationally reported case in which the 17-year-old defendant raped and attempted to murder a Leicester University post-graduate as she walked through a town park in the dead of night.

R v L [2018]: Leading Defence Counsel in a Birmingham ‘gang-on-gang’ killing in which the defendant used an Uzi sub-machine gun to kill a victim in a drive-by shooting.

R v AL [2018]: Leading Defence Counsel in Leicester case in which three children were charged with the murder of a retired, frail man as he walked through the town centre on his way home.

R v DW [2018]: Leading Prosecution Counsel in Birmingham case where defendant attacked a Church congregation with a knife and plotted to kill his previous solicitor.

R v KM [2018]: Leading Prosecution Counsel in murder allegation following a stabbing in a nightclub.

R v AH [2018]: Leading Prosecution Counsel in a case where a Doctor allegedly indecently assaulted patients.

R v LV [2018]: Leading Prosecution Counsel in alleged Attempt Murder by LV of his young girlfriend, having lured her to a churchyard. 

R v TH [2018]: Leading Prosecution Counsel in unlawful act manslaughter (deceased pursued by rival drugs gang before jumping from second-floor window)

R v GC [2018]: Leading Prosecution Counsel in a case where defendant brutally murdered fellow resident in a hostel for homeless

R v PB [2018]: Leading Defence Counsel in domestic murder, where defendant stabbed partner 27 times. Potential defence of ‘diminished’ fell away after revised psychiatric opinion. The subsequent plea to murder led to a life sentence with a minimum term of 11 years. That sentence was referred by the Attorney General. The Court of Appeal described the mitigation as “a master class”.

R v KG [2018]: Leading Defence Counsel in a case where the defendant (a paranoid schizophrenic) who used a scaffold bar to attack his wife and knives to attack two elderly relatives and to kill a man in his own home. Murder charges reduced to Manslaughter by Diminished, and Attempt Murders to assault charges. Hospital Order with an order of Restrictions imposed.

R v JN [2018]: Leading Prosecution case in ‘trial of the act’ in a case where a defendant with paranoid psychosis repeatedly stabbed and killed his Mother, killed his pet cat and then attempted suicide.  Hospital Order imposed.


"Unashamedly uncompromising and a passionate advocate but believes strongly in a non-patronising, practical and sensitive approach to his clients and their families'"
Legal 500 2019

"He really does his homework on cases and is very good with clients."
Chambers UK 2018

"He is very hard-working and prepares very well. He is also good with clients as well as an excellent advocate."
Chambers UK 2017

"Recommended for multi-handed fraud, drugs and money laundering conspiracies."
Legal 500 2017