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Peter Arnold - Crime

Peter has many years experience in prosecuting and defending heavy criminal cases as leading junior and junior alone.

Recently he has specialised in complex frauds often with significant international involvement.

Leading examples are:

R v Chohal (2006) - multi-million pound carousel fraud involving chains of dishonesty activating across two continents.

R v Cadman and others (2001 - 2008) - the extraction of £9.7 million from UK government using bogus Educational Grant Applications and ending in complex legal submissions to the Court of Appeal

R v Taylor (2003) Diversion Fraud involving the evasion of duty on imported cigarettes with consideration of EEC Law and trans-continental legislation.

R v Shabbir (2005 - 2012) - Prosecution of UK based organisation supplying false passports and work permits to applicants from the Indian subcontinent seeking residence in the UK